Loss Notificiation Documents
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Property Claims

In case of loss or damage

  1. Measures to be taken immediately upon notice of the damage

    Steps must be taken in order to minimize the loss.

  2. Survey and inspection

    Please notify the loss immediately to AIG Finland.  

    Tel: +358 207 010 100
    Fax: +358 207 010 170
    Claims can also be reported via e-mail to FinlandClaims@aig.com

    After office hours any acute loss has to be notified to Crawford & Co, who will send a representative to the loss scene if needed

    Tel.  +358 9 2513 7530 (24 h) 

    Crawford & Co will act as AIG Finland representative and assists in preventing any further loss or damage (including contacts to post-loss prevention companies).

  3. Police report

    The loss or damage has to be notified to the police, if there is reason to believe that a crime has been committed.

  4. Claim application

    The claimant should submit an itemized claim to the insurance company. The use of a claim notification form is recommended.

  5. Documentation needed in claims handling

    Copies of invoices and other documents (e.g. police reports, humidity survey reports, security firm reports) regarding the loss should be attached to the claim notification as soon as available.

  6. Coverage Decision  

    AIG Finland will handle the claim and make a written coverage decision, which will be sent to the claimant.