Business Travel Insurance

The world is getting smaller and companies increasingly need their employees – their most valuable asset – to travel more widely. However, the world is also becoming more dangerous and even domestic travel can provide challenges. In new and challenging environments, it is important that people know how to stay safe and healthy while they travel, and have access to swift assistance when they need it.

There are good reasons to consider Group+ Business Travel Insurance from AIG 


We provide access to expert assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Whatever issue you face abroad, you can be sure that in our 60 years of experience, we have probably dealt with something similar.


We share resources to help employees understand the risks they face before they travel – and keep them updated while abroad.



Our broad modular wording allows clients to select the level of cover they need.

Who is it for?

AIG’s Group+ Business Travel Insurance is suitable for companies having employees and/or third parties on a mission, travelling for business purposes.

What is covered?

Group+ Business Travel Insurance is a broad policy that allows you to customisze your cover by choosing from three levels of protection. We have also made sure that your policy is easy to navigate and understand, with a simplified layout and clear use of icons, – all so that you can get the most from your cover.

The three levels of cover available are:


Our Core protection includes cover for:

  • Personal accident
  • Medical and repatriation
  • Trip cancellation
  • Personal liability


In addition to our Core protection, Plus- -cover includes cover for:

  • Legal expenses
  • Money
  • Personal baggage
  • Travel inconvenience benefits
  • Rental vehicle deductible expenses


In addition to our Core and Plus covers, our Assured- -cover protects you against more extreme and unusual events, such as:

  • Kidnap, ransom and extortion
  • Hijacking
  • Political risk and natural disaster evacuation
  • Search and rescue
  • Crisis containment management
  • Optional: Private trips extension

Main exclusions

  • Intentionally self-inflicted injury, suicide or suicide attempt of an insured person
  • Training for or participation in professional sports of any kind
  • An insured person travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner

AIG Business Travel Assistance App

Our mobile App offers all these benefits:

  • A quick-call Help button to instantly access the Assistance centrer
  • Access to a host of valuable information concerning your destination
  • An alternative to assistance cards, - which are often mislaid or left at home
  • Available for Android and Apple iOS devices

See instructions on how to download the App.

We have everything you need for a well prepared trip. Our website and App provide you with all the tools to travel safely.

Security awareness training

A little knowledge goes a long way when you are travelling into the unknown. Our e-learning program provides employees with both security training and situation awareness. It is simple to access and use and provides practical advice about a range of subjects including personal security, preparation and arrival, travel health risks, getting around, street crime and robbery, terrorism and unrest. Furthermore, employers can through a verifiable audit trail confirm they have fulfilled their duty of care towards employees who travel on business. Training is interactive and accessible at work, home or in airport lounges while en route, as long as Internet access is available.

Country reports

We have a global database of reports giving guidance about safety, health and travel issues throughout the world.

Security travel alerts

We can also offer an email alert service keeping employees ahead of changing situations that could threaten to disrupt their trip.

Reporting a claim

If you need to report a claim please contact our Customer Service or go to

For more information on claims go to AIG Finland claims page.

In case of an emergency while travelling abroad contact our Emergency Assistance Service.

Important information regarding travel to Critical countries

AIG must be notified when travelling to Critical risk areas/countries with two weeks’ notice. Coverage in Critical risk countries must be pre-approved by AIG. Critical risk countries can be found in the Risk Map via the following link:

AIG reserves the right to determine the terms of the acceptance of the risk including but not limited to: Decline the risk, change the scope of cover or apply additional premium.
Travelling to other countries do not require pre-approval except sanctioned countries according to the Terms and Conditions.

This material is for the purposes of information only. Full coverage details will be available in the policy documentation. For additional information please contact us.