Property All Risks and Operating Losses

Cover that protects the business from financial effects of property damage.

There are good reasons to consider Property All Risks and Operating Losses insurance from AIG

Extensive, tailor-made cover

Property All Risks and Operating Losses is our most extensive insurance for protection of your property. The insurance covers financial losses arising due to an incident at the insured facilities and, importantly, it covers damage from any cause that has not been expressly excluded from the insurance at the time of arranging cover.  

Our strengths at your disposal

We are specialized in providing solutions for upper medium to large trades and services companies, operating locally and internationally. AIG’s global presence means we can offer programs tailored to specific global customer needs, together with logistical support and local market knowledge.


Who is it for?

We have developed specific approaches for the following activities:

  • Hospitality, including hotels, golf and sports centers
  • Media and Telecommunications, including transmitters, studios and tower structures
  • Infrastructure, including sewerage, waste treatment, way communication and supplies
  • Real Estate, including shopping centers, conference centers, offices and commercial real estate
  • Hospitals, including clinics and personal care centers
  • Information Technology, including services, development and research

What is covered?

Features and benefits

  • Property damage and business interruption - All Risks coverage
  • Buildings, contents, machinery/plant and stock
  • Property at third party premises
  • Goods in transit
  • Loss of gross profit
  • Additional increase in cost of working

Business interruption extensions

  • Contract sites
  • Inland transit
  • Unspecified customer

Optional covers

  • Terrorism
  • Equipment breakdown (electrical/mechanical) including boilers and pressure plant, electrical plant, lifting and handling plant
  • Unspecified supplier

Property risk engineering

Today, the risks to businesses can seem increasingly diverse and complex. International markets, changing workplace and regulatory frameworks, together with emerging technologies and the development of new working practices and partnerships, may all combine to present new uncertainties.

The speed of business activity can also make these risks hard to identify and control of the exposures elusive. We aim to partner with our clients to mutual benefit via thorough analysis of their business operations and associated risks. Services are delivered worldwide by highly-qualified property risk engineers well versed in international standards (such as NFPA) as well as local legislation, codes and standards.

Early involvement in development projects to anticipate property protection issues is the key to avoiding expensive retrofits later. Our early involvement means, for example, ensuring that sprinkler systems are designed and installed in accordance with appropriate international or local standards and meet the fire challenge presented.

Different sectors and business activities can require different loss prevention strategies and our engineers reflect this with a pragmatic approach working closely with our clients. We draw upon a pool of experienced experts in different disciplines, such as electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, security and fire protection.

This material is for the purposes of information only. Full coverage details will be available in the policy documentation.

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