Crime Insurance

Minimising the many business impacts of dishonesty.

There are good reasons to consider Crime insurance from AIG

Safeguarding more than money

We protect companies because we know that the financial loss is not the only impact of fraud. Real protection understands that what is also required may be to help retain disappointed customers and revive damaged brands and employee morale.

Crime and the global economy

Thanks to the internet, criminals can attack from anywhere in the world, making them harder to track down. They are good at keeping a step ahead of system security measures and software. Insurance provides financial support without the need to first bring thieves to justice.

Guarding against the inside job

It can be hard to accept that your own staff might be stealing from you. Unfortunately, the truth is that it may be the most trusted and senior staff who have the knowledge to circumvent security and set up well-concealed fraud systems.

Experts to get to the heart of the problem

Our cover includes access to investigative experts to establish the size of the loss and how it was done. This can help free up management time at a difficult time, while speeding up the process, but also serve to avoid similar occurrences in the future and promote confidence as the matter is professionally dealt with.


Who is it for?

Crime Insurance is suitable for all sizes of business. SMEs are often particularly at risk, as they may lack the security and resources of larger firms.

What is covered?

Crime Insurance offers comprehensive crime cover for small to large sized companies. Crime Insurance includes cover for employee fraud, dishonesty and fraudulent acts committed by third parties.


  • Comprehensive crime cover incorporating employee fraud and dishonesty and specified fraudulent acts covered by third parties
  • Retroactive cover available
  • Includes all pension funds and associated and subsidiary companies of the insured
  • Fees, costs and expenses coverage (sub-limited)
  • Pre-loss consultant services (10% premium contribution) 

This material is for the purposes of information only. Full coverage details will be available in the policy documentation.

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