Directors and Officers Liability

Helping directors face the future and conduct their business with confidence.

There are good reasons to consider Directors and Officers Liability insurance from AIG

Why AIG?

AIG was the first insurance company to introduce Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O) to the Finnish insurance market. We have a long experience in D&O insurance both globally and locally. Our D&O insurance has an extensive cover that can be tailor-made to fit your company’s requirements. All the D&O claims are handled in Finland fast and efficiently.

Why boards and seniot management need D&O?

Administrators, managers and directors of any company, regardless of its size or activities, carry significant responsibilities in relation to the way they conduct themselves and justify the trust placed in them. This may result in claims against them for actual or alleged breach of duty, neglect, misstatements, errors and omissions.

Taking the pain out of investigation

There are a growing number of laws and regulations and authorities who can investigate companies irrespective of size. Even if an individual is not yet personally under investigation, immediate expert legal guidance can help and perhaps prevent a situation from becoming serious. 

Worldwide network

AIG is one of the world leaders in providing D&O insurance and by updating our cover regularly we ensure our clients are protected against new and emerging types of risk. Our expertise extends to our claims teams, who can draw upon the experience of our worldwide network.

Personal responsibility

Actions against the company and its management can involve a high degree of risk of personal liability for individuals. This means that their personal assets, and not “only” what they might have invested in the company, can be at risk.

Shared responsibility

As directors and managers are jointly and severally liable, an error on the part of one of them can have financial and personal consequences for the others, who may have acted completely correct. Strong cover, that ring fences the cover individuals can receive, can help build the confidence required to work together.

The best possible defense

Investigations and court cases are time consuming and very expensive. D&O cover from AIG assures the highest quality legal representation and assistance from the first moment that an action commences.


Who is it for?

AIG’s Directors & Officers Insurance is especially suitable for public and private companies, partnerships and not for profit entities. Cover is granted to past, present and future directors, officers and employees acting in a managerial or supervisory capacity, shadow directors, outside entity directors, spouses, administrators and executors of insureds’ estates.

What is covered?

AIG’s Directors & Officers Insurance covers the personal liability of an insured person for damages caused by errors or negligence in the performance of the assignment. In addition to liability for damages, the insurance covers related investigation and legal costs. The insurance also covers costs incurred by an insured person from investigations and enquiries conducted by an authority (Insured Person Investigation Costs and Pre-Claim Enquiry Costs).

The insurance provides worldwide territorial coverage. Compensation for damages is not tied to the Finnish Companies Act or any other specific law. Thus, an insured person’s liability for damages may be compensated from the insurance also when it is based on the laws or regulations of a foreign legal system.

This material is for the purposes of information only. Full coverage details will be available in the policy documentation.

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