General and Products Liability

There are good reasons to consider General and Products Liability insurance from AIG

Why AIG?

AIG is one of the global leaders in both primary and excess General and Products Liability insurance, particularly for clients with sustainable risk profiles and high standards of quality. We have a broad appetite for business types and the ability to create solutions appropriate to the nature of the risk, the size and geographical location of a company and a company’s structure.

Why businesses need General and Products Liability cover

General and Products Liability cover is an essential cover without which there would be no protection from the potentially significant and substantial costs of legal fees and payouts resulting from property damage or bodily injury caused by the business’ activities.

Preventing damage before it happens

Our experience in risk prevention covers a wide range of industries across Europe and is supported by an exclusive international network of technicians. AIG provides access to a network of approximately 500 loss control specialists worldwide with experience in loss prevention, legislation on security, risk management, crisis management and mitigation.

Across the world

Our insurance solutions can extend into other jurisdictions with local policies issued through AIG offices and network partners present worldwide. We have expertise in international and multinational markets, crisis management, excess coverage and we can offer specific coverage for the US and Canada.

Who is it for?

AIG's General and Products Liability Insurance is particularly suitable for large and medium-sized companies operating in the manufacturing sector.

What is covered?

Our comprehensive General and Products Liability Insurance cover protects our insureds against liabilities arising from their operations and premises and/or products and completed operations. Policies cover damages and legal expenses associated with third party claims involving bodily injury and property damage.

Coverage can be considered for clients operating in most industries. Policy forms are available for large multinational corporations as well as for medium-sized companies. We can offer coverage on a worldwide basis including jurisdictions like the US and Canada.  We write global programs that require issuance of local policies throughout the world.

Coverage can be written on an occurrence or claims-made basis. Specialty coverages customary in a given market are typically available and we can develop tailored coverage plans to meet an insured’s unique needs. Coverage can be structured on a primary as well as an excess basis.

Features and benefits

With our flexible liability insurance solutions in combination with our service, claims handling and extensive international network, we are able to insure both smaller, domestic companies as well as multinational corporations within most classes of business. AIG offers:

  • An extensive global reach which enables service and claims handling all over the world
  • Policy limits commensurate with clients’ needs
  • Issuing of local policies
  • Insurance cover can be provided for companies operating in or exporting to the US and Canada
  • Tailor made insurance solutions
  • Experienced underwriters, claims adjusters and risk engineers

This material is for the purposes of information only. Full coverage details will be available in the policy documentation.

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