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AIG and Finnair cooperate to offer new insurance products

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AIG and Finnair have recently launched an insurance site at selling AIG’s insurance products. The site aims to offer solutions to the ever changing travel trends and the risks related to modern day travel preferences. The site seeks to broaden the product range available for travelers and to increase security and protection during any trip, and to help ensure pleasant and problem free travel experiences. The concept is currently unique in the Nordics as Finnair is the only airline offering such solution.  

Complementary coverage

Travelers today tend to seek active and event driven holidays, involving activities that often might not be covered under the regular travel insurance (such as damages to golf equipment or costs for unused event tickets).

”We at Finnair have noticed that nowadays travelers are more interested in having experience-driven holidays with different kinds of activities than before. It’s all the more common to do sports or go to concerts or other events during a trip. With the launch of the new insurance site at we wanted to respond to this change in travel trends and to offer the clients an easy and flexible way to acquire additional insurance coverage to fit their needs”, says Salla Rinta-Kanto, Finnair’s Experience Manager, Ancillary Services.

The expanded product portfolio currently includes four insurances: a rental car excess cover, an event ticket cover (reimbursing an unused ticket if unable to attend an event due to, for instance, illness or notable delays in public transportation), a golf equipment insurance and a comprehensive travel insurance.

”When developing the product portfolio, we built on the idea that one single insurance does not, and even cannot, always cover every possible risk but that we could offer clients simple additional coverages that they can purchase according to their individual needs”, explains Rinta-Kanto.

New products and flexibility

In addition to flexible products and competitive prices, ease of use and general simplicity have been leading thoughts when building the new insurance site. All the products can be purchased even if the customer has not booked a flight with Finnair and the client can decide the duration of the coverage period. For now, only permanent residents in Finland can purchase insurances on the site but this is expected to change at some point.

“Our cooperation with Finnair brings new kinds of insurances to the Finnish market. Currently in Finland, AIG is the only insurance company offering such insurance solutions as stand-alone products. Some of the products that we offer as stand-alone might be included in some broader policy, but we think that it is more convenient and economical for the clients to be able to purchase just the coverage they need. It’s also worth mentioning that the insurances are valid also in Finland and can thus be purchased even if the client is not planning to travel abroad”, explains AIG Finland’s Client Director Jussi Tuohiniemi.

In addition to the coverage bought, Finnair Plus members earn a fair amount of Finnair Plus points on every purchase on the new insurance site. For instance, with a purchase of annual travel insurance (the updated version available for purchase shortly), the client receives up to 2000 Finnair Plus points per insured adult. A purchase of annual travel insurance for a family is rewarded with up to 4700 points. Even when purchasing the currently most economical product on the site, the rental car excess cover, the client gets 150 Finnair Plus points per each covered day.

New products will be added to the web shop in the near future. Also the new products will be tailor-made to fit the requirements of an experience-driven lifestyle.

Explore the new insurance site.

For more information, please contact Salla-Rinta Kanto, or Jussi Tuohiniemi,