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AIG celebrates 100 years

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AIG 100 years

On December 12, 1919, a young man from Ft. Bragg, California, named Cornelius Vander Starr started a new business in Shanghai, China, called American Asiatic Underwriters, a general insurance agency that opened a week later in a two-room office. From that humble beginning would grow the global company we know today as AIG.

From the beginning, we have been trusted experts who pioneer innovative products and achieve a standard of excellence that our clients can rely on. From selling life insurance in China in our early years to monitoring emerging risks in an uncertain world, our entrepreneurial spirit and specialist expertise are what separate us from our peers. Nowadays, AIG is a world leader in insurance and financial services with worldwide presence.

In Finland, AIG started its operations in 1988, thus the company has been a part of the Finnish Insurance market for over 30 years. AIG is a well-known industry insurer in Finland offering insurance solutions for both classic industry risks and for niche risks such as cyber and environmental liabilities. In addition to the corporate insurance segment, AIG Finland also operates in the consumer insurance segment, insuring hundreds of thousands of Finns. Our core product range for consumers is based on classic travel, personal accident and home owner’s insurance products, but extends far beyond, including more specialized covers, such as identity theft insurance, critical illness insurance and mobile phone insurance.

AIG Finland celebrates the Centennial year in the spirit of environmental awareness and sustainability. In recent years, AIG Finland has made some charitable contributions, for example, to protect the Baltic Sea and to compensate carbon footprint, so the environmental approach to the centennial year is a natural continuation to the company’s actions. The environmental theme will be present in AIG Finland’s events and other actions throughout the year and beyond.

To learn more about AIG’s history and the centennial year, check out, our official centennial website.