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Briefly on Nordic cyber claims in 2018 and AIG’s Cyber Offerings

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cyber claims

During the past few years, the amount of cyber incidents has increased significantly, while data protection regulations have become more strict, especially in Europe with the introduction of GDPR.

In 2018, AIG and its cyber security partners handled more than 30 cyber incidents in the Nordic-Baltic region, which is a significant increase compared to 2017. The most common types of cyber incidents are related to external threats, such as phishing, virus attacks, cyber extortion and DDOS attacks.

As one of the leading providers of cyber insurance in the Nordics and Baltics, AIG has experience in managing various types of cyber incidents in various industries and geographical areas.

In our latest article we provide a brief overview on cyber incidents handled in the Nordics in 2018 and introduce shortly AIG’s cyber insurance solutions.

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