Multi Risk travel Insurance covers medical expenses with no upper limit for travel time illnesses and – accidents. Travel time illness means illness which started during the trip and require medical treatment or illness that originates from the trip within 14 days of the end of the trip.  

We cover only emergency treatment up to 7 days for any pre-existing illness, which worsens during the trip suddenly and unexpectedly.

Multi Risk Travel insurance also covers repatriation to Finland (travel time illness – or accident), compensation for accidental death, compensation for permanent disability due to accidental injury, trip cancellation, compensation for delayed departure and for delayed luggage and cover for luggage up to 1000€.

Full list of policy covers can be seen from the insurance terms and conditions and from the insurance quote before buying the insurance.  Please read the terms and conditions of the policy to make sure that you understand the cover provided and the restrictions on the policy.

Yes, Multi Risk Travel Insurance includes an excess for luggage, which is 50€. There is also 6 hours waiting time for compensation for delayed flight and delayed luggage.  This means that you are entitled for the cover only once flight is delayed more than 6 hours or luggage is delayed more than 6 hours.

Travel Guard travel insurance can be issued for all below 85 years old individuals, who are permanent residents of Finland and has own KELA-card.

Yes. Child have to have own separate policy, if child is travelling without companying adult.

You can find the policy terms and conditions via link from this web site. Also you will get automatically a policy document and policy terms and conditions always after the purchase. We recommend you to carry the policy document with you while travelling.

The Trip Cancellation protection will become effective immediately upon purchasing your insurance. The remaining coverage and services provided will take effect when you leave your home for this trip. All coverage and services will terminate when you return to Finland or at the end of the period shown on your policy, whichever is earlier.

To take advantage of 24-hour emergency assistance, all you need is your policy number and the 24-hour medical emergency number. Although you do not need to carry proof of coverage for coverage to be in effect, some foreign medical providers may wish to see documentation.

Yes. This travel insurance does not cover pre-existing medical conditions (a pre-existing medical condition is a medical condition or any illness related to a medical condition which you or your companions knew about when purchasing this insurance) and excludes comparatively high-risk activities. For a complete listing of exclusions and limitations, please refer to the insurance terms and conditions.

Yes, your policy does not cover any trip in, to or through the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, North Korea or Crimea region.

No. You may receive a reimbursement if you cancel for a covered reason as outlined in the Policy Document. Covered reasons include, but are not limited to, such unforeseen emergencies as illness, injury or death of you, your travelling companion and/or an immediate family member. Pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Yes, this policy will cover you for scuba diving up to depths of 30 meters. You must dive under the direction of an accredited dive marshal, instructor or guide and you must keep within the guidelines of the relevant diving or training agency or organization.

Compensation is not paid in cases where an accident, sickness or death was caused when the insured participated in: 


  • climbing, e.g. mountaineering, rock and wall climbing, 
  • abseiling, 
  • independent treks or expeditions abroad to mountains, jungles, deserts, wilderness areas or other uninhabited areas, 
  • pot holing, 
  • ocean sailing, 
  • being a hired crew member on a vessel sailing from one country to another, 
  • white water rafting above level 3, 
  • aviation sports, such as hand-gliding, paragliding, gliding, parachute jumping, bungee jumping, 
  • Hot Air Ballooning (unless pre-booked with your Tour Operator), 
  • off-piste skiing and speed skiing, 
  • scuba diving below 30 meters, 
  • participation in an athletics competition, 
  • sport requiring a license, 
  • combat and contact sports, such as boxing, wrestling, judo and karate, 
  • hunting, 
  • cannoning, 
  • motor sports, 
  • criminal acts, 
  • fighting, except in justified self-defense 


If you are unsure, please check from our customer service that this insurance meets your needs.

You can pay your travel insurance by different credit cards: Visa, American Express, or MasterCard. Visa Electron is not accepted. If you have the Debit/Credit card, you can choose which payment option to choose. If you wish to pay with the debit side, use the number at the left bottom corner at the back side of the card. Please note that you might need to activate the card for online payments for debit side from your issuing bank.

If for some reason your payment is declined, please recheck the number, validity and the CVVC code. If you still have problems with the payment, please contact our customer service (tel: +358 203 50 550). Please note that we do not accept Visa Electron as payment mode.

If this insurance does not meet your need, please contact us by email If policy is valid 30 – 90 days, we will refund the payment for the insurance if it is cancelled by writing, cancelled before the departure and no claims application made.

Please fill in loss notification online or you can print the loss notification form from our web page and send it signed with the necessary documentation.  

If your loss notification will be mailed in Finland, you may use the below address (postage has been paid on your behalf):                       

AIG Claims Department  

AIG Europe S.A. (Finland) 

Tunnus 5008951 

00003 Vastauslähetys 


Loss notifications can also be mailed to (postage hasn't been paid): 

AIG Claims Department  

AIG Europe S.A. (Finland) 

Kasarmikatu 44 

00130 Helsinki


If you have any questions how to fill the form or you wish to receive the form by post, please contact our customer service; Tel: +358 203 50 550. 

We accept invoices from some clinics or hospital with some restrictions. List for clinics and hospitals can be seen from our internet pages.  

We accept direct invoice for the medical treatment that is done on outpatient clinic and invoiced amount does not exceed 500€. In those cases you do not need to pay from the treatment to the clinic. Hospital/clinic need to see your insurance certificate that you receive from us or from Aurinkomatkat, otherwise they cannot send us the invoice.

Please keep on mind that you can still pay all the treatments yourself and apply those costs from us directly.

Whilst travelling and in case of emergency, please contact our emergency service. Our professional staff is there to help you in English, Swedish and Finnish 24/7 every day of the year. 


Emergency Service – SOS International AS 

Tel: +45 7010 5054 dWhilst travelling and in case of emergency, please contact our emergency service. Our professional staff is there to help you in English, Swedish and Finnish 24/7 every day of the year. 


Emergency Service – SOS International AS 

Tel: +45 7010 5054 .

Every effort is made to ensure you receive a high standard of service. If you are not satisfied with the service you have received, please contact:


In relation to sales and administration matters:

AIG Customer Services Manager,

AIG Europe S.A. (Finland)

Kasarmikatu 44, 0130 Helsinki, Finland.

Phone: + 358 203 50550



In relation to claims matters:

AIG Claims Manager,

AIG Europe S.A. (Finland)

Kasarmikatu 44, 0130 Helsinki, Finland.



To help us to deal with your comments quickly, please quote your policy schedule/ claim number and the policyholder/insured person's name.


Alternative Dispute Resolution of consumer complaints

The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau ( provides free of charge advice in issues related to insurance contracts. The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Service and Insurance Complaints Board give also recommendations for dispute resolution.

You can also contact Consumer Advisory Service (, that provides information on consumer rights, and mediation assistance in disputes. Also the Consumer Disputes Board ( gives recommendations for dispute resolution. You should always contact Consumer Advisory Service before taking the issue to the Consumer Disputes Board.


If you wish to make a complaint about an insurance policy purchased online you may be able to use the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution platform .