AIG does co-operation with Finnish travel agency Aurinkomatkat (Suntours Ltd).

AIG has approved certain medical clinics and hospitals in Aurinkomatkat most popular destinations as our preferred partners and AIG is approving direct invoices for those clinics and hospital with the conditions of:

  • Treatment for the illness or accident is coverable as per AIG Multi Risk Travel Insurance terms and conditions;
  • The amount invoiced does not exceed 500€ and treatment is done on outpatient clinic;
  • Insured person has valid AIG insurance and has insurance document provided by AIG or Aurinkomatkat;
  • Invoice includes following details for the insured person: name, date of birth, telephone number and detailed report/journal.


AIG Multi Risk Insurance covers reasonable treatments for acute illness that has begun during the trip such as fever, gastroenteritis, flu etc. Insurance covers also treatment for accidents that have occurred during the trip, such as wounds, bruises, cuts, slips ect. If and illness that began before the beginning of the trip suddenly and unexpectedly worsens during the trip, the insurance will compensate the expenses for necessary emergency treatment for no more than 7 days.


Kindly note, that AIG does not cover the cost for medical expenses if the treatments are for illness that insured have had prior the travel (AIG only covers sudden and unexpected worsening of pre-existing illness up to 7 days), sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy treatments or child birth after 28th week of pregnancy.


Once the conditions are fulfilled, clinic/hospital can send invoice their services directly from AIG without asking payment from the insured person.


List for approved clinics and hospitals can be seen here.


AIG reserved the right to assess whether involved costs are covered from the insurance by AIG terms and conditions and if they are not, AIG shall not pay invoices that relate to such cost. Insurance terms and conditions with the exclusions can be read from these internet pages. In case where clinic/hospital is not sure if insured’s treatment is covered from AIG insurance, please call or email SOS International, which assists AIG insured worldwide 24/7, tel + 45 70 10 50 50, email:


Clinic/hospital can submit an invoice to AIG as follows:

  1. By email:;
  2. By post: AIG Europe Limited- Claims departement, Kasarmikatu 44, 00130 Helsinki, Finland; or
  3. By fax: +358 207 010 180