Trip Cancellation

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Trip Cancellation Insurance

AIG is one of the top online travel insurance providers with years of considerable experience in providing cost effective products to its customers.


AIG specializes in trip cancellation cover as a part of the comprehensive insurance packages. Travel Guard® trip cancellation cover is available for an individual, a family or a couple depending on their needs and budget. 

There may be unforeseen situations due to which your trip may get cancelled, especially once family travels with small children. We advise you to cover you investment for the trip with our trip cancellation cover, as we cover the cost of trip if insured or near family member falls ill suddenly and cannot travel. 


Additional information

  • All insured must be under the age of 70 when the insurance is taken out, permanent residents in Finland and be eligible for National Health Insurance benefits in Finland.
  • If the trip is cancelled on medical grounds, proper documents in writing by a qualified medical professional should be submitted.
  • The overall limit shown on in the terms and conditions for travel and accommodation expenses will be paid back to you if it is necessary and unavoidable for you to cancel or cut short your trip.
  • Please note that policy excludes all imdemnities from the sickness which insured was aware before buying the insurance. 
  • Policy does not cover any trips to Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Syria, Democratic republic of Congo or Sudan.

Please note that there are certain general conditions and exclusions that apply to all the sections of the insurance policy. Please read through carefully  the insurance terms and conditions