Understanding Crisis Solution

In the fourth session of AIG Academy Connected, the theme discussed was Crisis Solution; what companies should expect and how they can prepare for the new risk environment. The event was hosted by Elisabeth Hellemoose, Branch Manager AIG Norway. Vivi Hannibal, Practice Leader Crisis Solution at AIG Europe, and Jens Serup, Senior Crisis Respondent at Crisis24, joined the webinar as experts within the field. The current pandemic is changing the global risk environment we are used to operate in. The failing economies, an increased unemployment, lack of investments as well as increased inequalities have an impact on the risk situation.

“For travellers, the main effect might be an increased level of street crime in areas previously considered safe, while other consequences are for example increase in corruption, a stretched healthcare system as well as higher frequency of violent crime incidents such as kidnapping in countries, where this is a pre-existing issue. This will have an impact on business travel and require companies to validate their existing plans for managing their travel and expat exposures to ensure that they reflect the new risk landscape;” says Vivi Hannibal.

When the travel bans disappear, the world will look different. There are several ways to prepare for these changing risk pattern in order to mitigating these risks, and companies should use the time without travelling to rehearse and reassess existing protocols.

Increase your understanding of how to prepare for the new environment and what to expect from the world when borders open up again by watching the complete version of the webinar below.